Kevin was born in 1968 and grown up in Harefield, Hertfordshire. He is the second one among eight kids, where his parents separated while he was still young. Lane immediately started to handle his life by himself toward practically each honor and moved an assuring middleweight boxer.

In schoolhouse of south Ruislip, he started loving a 14-year-old girl called Kim Purcell and later on he came to know about her criminals family background. Later on, he left the school and started working with her parents as a doorman in the initial stage. Then he started his own company for supplying security services. Even though he was not so good enough in his physical appearance particularly height but still because of his boxing knowledge he was able to protect himself.

He created a long unlawful story, despite most of them were minor crimes. He paid fine of £25 for the robbery of a cycle in 1983 and £100 for illegal mischief during November 1990. Still, there were many condemnations for manipulating robbed assets.

In May 1992, Lane was imprisoned for the time. With a group of co-workers, he assaulted a person arrested for stolen of £100,000 worth stuff of a clique. He was carried with various misdemeanors associating the other affair and got a two-year punishment. And he was relieved in July 1993.