The Kevin Lane was imprisoned in the murder case of Robert Magill.
As the people used a car to move off while killing the Robert Magill, that BMW 320 car, registration number URB 354X, was caught by the cops on October 25, 1994, in Leonard Bennett.


Actually, before this incident happens Kevin’s car was lost so he borrowed a family BMW (registration number: URB 354X) to take his wife and kids to his mother’s place. And returned that car on a Sunday evening. The next day, Monday 10 October, he planned to buy a new car which he chose up that Thursday, 13 October. After that On January 10, Kevin was arrested , interrogated and detained for overnight in Watford police station. Next day, he was gone through two identity reviews. He was not indented so he was released.

Still, the policemen later received a match for his fingerprints and a palm print on the bin liner bounded the tube. On 26 January, he was again apprehended and accused of Magill’s murder. Also, there were a notable amount of observers to the shot. So many of them were adjacent at hand. Based on all these, Kevin was considered as a murderer and was in jail for 18 years as a punishment.