justice for kevin lane
    Police Corruption
  • Kevin claimed from the outset of his arrest that the officer in his charge of the case (Det Sgt Spackman) had vowed to fit him up for the shooting because of a grudge some years earlier.

  • In 2002 Spackman was sent to prison for four years for stealing £160.000 from his employers at Hertfordshire Police. The money had been confiscated from alleged criminals suspected of drug dealing.

  • Spackman and his associate Trevor Powell and Joanne Fletcher set up a bogus bank account in the name of one of the men from whom the money had been seized and transferred it from the Hertfordshire Police account in the pretext that it was being returned to its original owner.

  • Powell had previous criminal convictions and claimed that he had been a friend of Spackman for a number of years.

  • Fletcher also had a criminal record and claimed Spackman was obsessed with her. She described Spackman in her evidence: “Spackman is the biggest name in Watford. Everybody’s frightened of him. He’s ruined a lot of people’s lives”. Khan and Bashir (pdf)

  • Spackman certainly ruined Kevin’s life. Fabricated and Withheld Evidence (pdf)

  • Powell and Fletcher were not the only criminals Spackman consorted with. He also had an unhealthy relationship with Vincent and Smith that went back several years.

  • In 1992 Roger Vincent and David Smith along with a male named Brian Donelan were arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and kidnapping. Spackman was in charge of that case.

  • Smith and Vincent previously collaborated with former police officer Spackman to convict Brian Donelan, all three were arrested together; Vincent immediately put forward duress and began visiting Donelan in prison obtaining information for Spackman whereby he handed it over, and eventually gave evidence in court against Donelan as part of a deal with Spackman that he would not be charged and to secure Smiths acquittal. Spackman and Vincent had an unhealthy relationship prior to Vincent’s arrest for the murder of Magill.

  • Spackman further stated that Vincent claimed he was able to provide him with details about the Magill shooting that include the names of the people who paid to have Mr Magill shot. Vincent also told Spackman that Kevin was responsible for the shooting. It was at this stage that Kevin had first emerged as a suspect.

  • Does this unhealthy relationship between Spackman, Vincent & Smith seem somewhat unhealthy?