justice for kevin lane
    Roger Vincent's Deal with The Police
  • Roger Vincent and David Smith were both arrested on suspicion of murdering Robert Magill on 16-12-94. Smith was interviewed twice on that date before being released without charge. Both Vincent and Smith are recorded in the police evidence as supplying information to the police upon their arrest.

  • DC Spackman claims that Vincent approached him in the presence of DC Kennedy shortly after he was charged and said that he would provide an innocent explanation for his fingerprints in the vehicle used in the murder along with information about those responsible in return for the charges being dropped. Spackman made a number of other claims in both his statements dated 21-12-1994. The information Vincent supplied to Spackman formed part of the original Public Immunity Interest material and was not disclosed to Kevin’s legal team until some years after he was convicted. The PII material contained allegations that Kevin was the gunmen responsible for the murder of Robert Magill along with other murders across the country.

  • The CPS recently notified Kevin’s legal team that their entire case papers have been forwarded to the CCRC and that they are not in a position to answer enquiries. For years the CPS refused to acknowledge that material existed that undermined Kevin’s conviction and further supports that Roger Vincent supplied information to the Hertfordshire Police. Kevin welcomes any legal action challenging the material in his legal team’s possession that supports Roger Vincent supplied information to the Hertfordshire Police.

Roger Vincent's Interview (pdf)

Roger Vincent's Custody Record (pdf)