justice for kevin lane



Kevin has been at HMP Blantyre House which is a category D for nearly four months. He has enjoyed the freedom and the Summers good weather, managed to rid himself of his ghostly white colour and catch a tan. Kevin has completed the two required accompanied town visits. He visited, Canterbury, Ashford, Maidstone and Blue Water shopping centres.


He thoroughly enjoyed his time out of prison, eating at two restaurants as well as having his haircut. Something he is very fussy about. Subsequently, Kevin has now been approved to go out on his own once a week to visit his family. On one such town visit a number of celebrities telephoned him to wish him good luck for the future. Kevin also attends college twice a week. He is studying English. Whilst he has been at Blantyre House he has worked with a number of prisoners in the community carrying out charitable work. One such place was with Men-cap residents, which, in his words “was absolutely brilliant”. “The residents gave nothing but kindness in return to you and are genuinely very funny”. He said he would gladly work for free while he is looking for a job. Now that Kevin is allowed to reintegrate into society he is looking for work. Kevin had a job in place that was part of his representations placed the parole board. Subsequently, the Home Office obviously considered the position of employment when deciding to downgrade Kevin. The reality of this is that a resettlement programme was in place.


However, the relevant checks conducted declined this job! If the checks are not found to meet with HMP Blantyre Houses risk assessment, the job is denied. In the meantime he is attempting to find work through the prison. The jobs currently offered is a warehouse position for one person. The difficulty that prisoners have with finding work relates to the criminal conviction. It is not easy to find employment while you are still living in prison. Blantyre House is currently looking at allowing prisoners to work with family and friends. As a result this will help prisoners to resettle back into society quicker. However, Kevin has managed to obtain an interview with a London based firm. At this stage it is only a job interview, nonetheless the company are fully aware of Kevin’s position and the letter he received back is very promising. Kevin also has to concentrate on his resettlement programme into society and the above paragraph’s demonstrate this. One such area will be driving a car again and for Kevin to drive a car he has to have a number of lessons to ensure that he is a competent driver.


It is matters such as this, that the general public are not aware of and Kevin would like you to know. Kevin feels matters such as having to take driving lessons will open up the publics eyes in relation to how seriously his resettlement programme is taken, and how closely he is monitored right down to driving lessons. On 21 August 2013 Kevin helped to organise a family day at HMP Blantyre which went very well. The overall response was overwhelming. In that, you would never have thought you were in the prisons grounds. The day felt like you were at a village fair. The subject of a charity football match has now been broached and Kevin is in discussions with various departments to see if this can be achieved. At long last Kevin has the opportunity to rebuild his life and start again after nearly 19 years in prison for a crime he did not commit.


The Court of Appeal has set a date for Kevin’s legal team to serve additional submissions in relation to disclosure. Reference was of course made in relation to the now disgraced former DI Spackman at the time of Kevin’s arrest. The concerns in question were recently disclosed by the Crown! The above is a significant development. The Court of Appeal recently disclosed that Spackman has been involved in ‘serious criminal activities with other criminals’ as far back as 1994. Kevin was arrested in January 1995 and this fact obviously bolsters Kevin’s application to the Court. It is now accepted that Spackman was corrupt prior to Kevin’s arrest. Kevin has always said Spackman was fitting Kevin up from the very early stages of case. At present the time span for the ‘final’ court date continues to move closer. Kevin feels the he will be in prison for sometime yet.


In the meantime his book is currently being edited and will hopefully be released in the very near future. Regrettably, these things obviously take a quite a while and any number of developments can crop up causing stumbling blocks. The date for the book launch is fast approaching and his book will hopefully be ready for the Christmas launch. Although we say the Christmas launch, in reality we are referring to the months build up to it. A high number of celebrities and sportsman are limbering up on the touch line to read his story. We can inform you that five Viewer Readers have read his book and the feedback has been fantastic. Two such comments were, “better than a John Grisham” and “a Best Seller”. Further to this, two respected broadsheet news papers have said the book is very good. A feature may appear in the same. The next big day for Kevin will be a Home Leave. He will hopefully have his first Home Leave within the next two months.


Some of you will be aware that Kevin had an operation on his knee in November 2012. Since the operation his knee has progressively got worse. He is due to have a second operation where the bone will be drilled in three places to create scar tissue. If the operation works, it will create a form of shock absorber between his joint. The boxer, Tony Booth recently sent Kevin his autobiography and Kevin would like all boxing fans to read his book. He is sure they will find it as good as Kevin has. Finally, on behalf of Kevin we would like to thank you for your support. Kevin firmly believes the end is in sight in terms of the Court of Appeal application.


The website will be updated in respect of any such developments. Kindest regards Kevin’s family



May-13 Website Update

Firstly some news in respect to Kevin’s application to the Court of Appeal (COA). Recently the COA was ordered to disclosure a number of documents, one particular document dates back to 2001. Kevin was previously informed on a number of occasions by the Criminal Cases Review Commission stretching over a number of years, that there was nothing of note in this document to assist Kevin’s case. However it would appear the COA came to a profoundly different conclusion to that or the Criminal Cases Review Commission and ordered its immediate disclosure. The contents of the recent disclosure highlight a number of details that will now feature in his appeal.


The content of these papers cannot be fully divulged at present, nonetheless they will at some stage and make for very interesting reading. However one such details relates to the now proven to be corrupt DI Spackman, in that, his actions in Kevin’s case - dating back to when Kevin was first arrested were reported by another officer to the SIO in the case because of concerns of his actions to considered to be ‘bent’. How ironic some seven years later Spackman is arrested and convicted for theft related offences from the police force he worked for. Further to the above the Court of Appeal directed that the SIO and Spackman were to be interviewed and the following is piece relates to the SIO Whinnett and his comments: “...Mr Spackman and the others involved in the investigation, were always strongly supervised. All actions came through, and were reported back to, either him or the Deputy Senior Investigating Officer (DSIO) Mr Dyke...” However, later when questioned again, Whinnett said “... he did not recall that Spackman and DC Kennedy had spoken to Vincent at the police station after he had been charged. He did not think the decision to speak to Vincent post charge would have been particularly peculiar to Mr Vincent, although most prisoners wanted their solicitors present...”

The above relates to Vincent’s confidential chats. It has now been proved that Whinnett did know about Vincent’s chats. Vincent’s solicitors made a separate application in another court during Kevin’s trial for disclosure of the same and I quote from Vincent’s solicitor’s letter: “We should be obliged to receive copies of all taped conversations with Mr Vincent, interview or otherwise”. As a result of the above application to the court Vincent’s confidential chats were disclosed to his legal team without Kevin’s knowledge of the same until many years later. If Whinnett is telling the truth in his interview one would expect that he should have known that Spackman had - had a number of confidential chats with Vincent whereby they discussed a further two murders, one in Surrey and one in Newcastle. Vincent also supplied information in relation to the Magill murder during the same ‘Confidential Chats’. If what Whinnett claims is correct, in that all Actions went through him or his DSIO Dyke, one would expect both Whinnett and Dyke to have had knowledge in regards to Spackman and DC Acorn visiting Vincent at Woodhill Prison under the pretence of being a solicitor shortly before I was released from Watford Police Station. His is what Whinnett said: “...Mr Whinnett did not have any recollection of DC Acorn and Mr Spackman visiting Mr Vincent in prison on 11th January 1995 (the day which Mr Lane was released on police bail). He thought that the most likely explanation is that he had asked to see someone.

There would have had to have been a firm reason for going. It would not have been speculative...” Vincent made a proposed plaintiff statement for wrongful arrest dated 27 August 1995. In this statement Vincent refers to Spackman visiting him at Woodhill Prison on 11 January 1995. Vincent states: “...Spackman told him as a result of the information he gave the police I had been arrested and by all accounts I was not very happy with Vincent and he (Vincent) was not going to be safe when I arrived at Woodhill...” The following details by Vincent were made in a defence statement with his trial advisors and states: “...On the 11th January 1995, I was informed that I had a legal visit. I was informed by the Prison Officer that it was my solicitor. I had not seen my solicitor prior to this time. I was taken to the legal visit area. I was notified at that point that it was the police that wished to speak with me and it was not a legal visit. It was in connection with the murder of Bob Magill...” “...The two police officers who came in were DS Spackman and DS Acorn. I know both officers and I would just like to say how I know them. I was once a witness in a very serious case which these two officers were in charge of, and I got a commendation from a High Court Judge for being brave enough to get up on the stand and tell the truth though my life was threatened...” “The two officers shook my hand and then sat down.” Vincent claims that ‘Spackman proceeded to offer Vincent a deal that came from the Top’.

The determination Spackman shows in the creation of a false case against me, is highlighted by his actions on the 11th of January 1995 when he went up to Woodhill Prison to visit Vincent while I was still held in Watford Police Station. If this was all above board, and if Spackman had nothing to hide, why was his visit disguised as a solicitors visit? If the purpose of this visit, was just to discuss the case, why the subterfuge? Surely Whinnett should have known about the visit. As a result of learning of the ‘snidey’ visit Spackman made to Vincent at Woodhill Maslen contacted the authorities at Woodhill. HMP Woodhill notified Maslen, that they had no recollection of any ‘such police visit’ taking place on 11 January 1995! So Maslen contacted HMP Woodhill again to enquire if Woodhill have lost their records. HMP Woodhill replied saying they had not lost their records and that Spackman had not visited ‘as a police officer’ on 11 January 1995. HMP Woodhill went on to say that “...Spackman may have visited in another way...” So, not only did Spackman pretend to be someone else, a ‘solicitor’, but he gained entrance to the prison under false pretences as well. This further goes to show that Spackman was being a sneaky twat! HMP Woodhill strongly suggested that Maslen should also be asking the Senior Investigating officer; (Detective Superintendent Whinnett) involved in Vincent’s case these questions. During an interview with Spackman’s he goes one step further and states; “...I suppose I was a bit maverick, I was, within the law, prepared to go a bit further and not let go. I would (for example) be prepared to go into a ‘dodgy’ pub to talk to someone or upset a serious player. But within the law”.

Finally the following relates to Spackman’s interview in connection to the ‘golf course attempted murder incident’ that Smith and Vincent were involved in prior to the murder of Bob Magill and although not verbatim it is an accurate reflection of the words used and recorded in contemporaneous notes: “...At trial VICENT was put up as an alibi for Donelan. He turned up at court and said that he did not want to help Donelan, only his mate, Smith. DS Spackman dealt with him as a witness. Gave a statement to the prosecution. As a result of this Spackman built up a rapport with both Smith and Vincent...” The above are indicative of the Spackman, Vincent and Smith relationship and clearly demonstrate Spackman had no grumblings in respect of visiting Vincent in a police station, in a prison or at Vincent’s home. The above extracts are merely a few of what is to come and that make for very interesting reading when it does. We remain hopeful for a positive outcome at the COA when it does.


On behalf of Kevin and his family and supporters we would just like to thank Sally Chidzoy of BBC Look East and Three Counties Radio for highlighting that Kevin’s case has been referred to the Full Court (three judges). The coverage has once again brought a high number of new visitors to his website. There are links to the aforementioned interviews on the website. In case there are some of you that are unaware of the recent restrictions on legal aid, Kevin’s solicitor has had his funding removed for visiting Kevin.


This is simply unbelievable when one considers the recent lengthy disclosure of material and forth coming court of appeal hearing in relation to disclosure issues. Subsequently the Full Court hearing will follow. The above decision will mean Kevin has to communicate his instructions and discuss hundreds of papers by way of letter if this matter had not been resolved between solicitor and client. Put simply this is far from ideal and prevents dialogue between solicitor, Queens Counsel and clients.


We are pleased to be able to inform youthat the prison authorities granted Kevin his first escorted town visit to Hull of which he thoroughly enjoyed. Kevin said that he felt he had not been in prison for 18 years and was very relaxed. He noticed a few changes in society, the difference in cars being one; far more foreign national in the country adn sociaty seemed poorer. He felt completely at ease and enjoyed his day out. He had his hair washed and cut and had a look around the shops and ate at a Chinese for his lunch. 18 Years and three months locked up before finally having a day of freedom and see life itself taking place.


Kevin has recently been back to hospital in relation to the knee operation he had in November 2012 as a result that it has progressively got worse since the operation. He has since been back again and had an MIR scan which has detected a problem. Kevin has instructed a Medical Injury solicitor as a result of the complications he has had to endure. If he had not placed an application in to see the Dr in the prison 28 days after the original operation - he would not have seen anyone after the operation and by which time a number of complications had formed. As of today he has now had a ‘Quarter-zone’ injection and eagerly waits to see if this will work. For those of you that do not know, Kevin has kept a fully documented chronological history of his conviction and turned it into a book.

The crux of writing his story was to bring recognition to his wrongful conviction. The book will now be published by Ken Scott and if you have the time you can view what Ken has to say at www.kentheghost.com/The-Scott-Blog.html. We are sure that it will at least be of academic interest to you, bearing in mind the level of corruption surrounding Kevin’s case. The book will almost ready and should hopefully be on sale from Amazon and a number of websites in a number of weeks. At present the promotion figures look positive and will bring recognition to the case and at the same time provide funds for a charity in relation to a little boy that Kevin has previously raised funds for. The little boy has an incurable illness and Kevin hopes to make the little boys life as enjoyable as possible and help towards finding a cure for the illness.

Also a well known film director has agreed in principle to make a film about Kevin’s story and will follow his book. First a trailer DVD will be made and a line producer arranged and finally a specialist accountant to set the budget. So as you can see at present there are promising developments taking place.


Kevin's parole hearing was heard this month and it went very well, his solicitor said it could not have gone any better. His honour and the panel members seemed very fair and positive. We were informed we would have to wait two weeks for hopefully the right answer and today we got it, Kevin has been granted his D category and will be moved to open conditions! As you can imagine it is fantastic news for us all and we have been waiting for this day for 18 years! Celebrations all round tonight.


We hope that you have found the enclosed details of interest and we would like to thank everyone for their kind messages of support.


All of your messages are copied and forwarded to Kevin as a result that he is not allowed to access the internet. Nevertheless we can assure you Kevin smiles from ear to ear when he receives them and would like to thank you all because some take him back to memory lane and some fill him with hope for the future. Your comments do more than you realise. On behalf of Kevin and his family we wish you all the very best and hope you are well.



Update March 2013
At present the Court of Appeal (COA) has yet to set a date for a Directional Hearing in relation to the original application lodged on 25 November 2011. The Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) has by accounts completed its investigation. Kevin’s Queens Counsel submitted a further note of importance to the court, raising matters of significance in relation to the original investigation.
The COA informed Kevin’s lawyers that they will be able to raise their concerns at the forth coming Directional Hearing. We feel this is somewhat of a reverse order of events, in that the further note of investigation correlated to the original investigation. As far as we are aware the CCRC served the COA with its final report on 2 October 2012. The COA passed the report to Lord Chief Justice Hughes on 22 October 2012. We now await a date for a court hearing. The COA has directed that the CPS is to disclose a number of documents previously considered sensitive. Also any parts of these documents they consider too sensitive they must blank out, but supply in writing the context of this material. Kier Starmer, the Public Prosecutor recently returned another one of Kevin’s letters, marked ‘refused’. It comes to something when the Public Prosecutor refuses to accept a letter containing significant factors connected to his employers.

The fact is that Kevin’s MP and various other public officials felt the content of the details were significant. Moreover for his MP to address one of the matters on his behalf. Kevin's prison lawyer Simon Creighton has obtained an Oral Hearing in respect of Kevin’s categorisation. Once again an independent Psychologist interviewed Kevin for the hearing sometime in 2013. The findings of the said review said he is nuts! Only joking, the review writer was most favourable to Kevin’s current Oral Hearing. This will be the third Psychologist independent review found to be favourable to Kevin’s progression. Kevin is now finally eligible for an escorted town visit and has applied, accordingly. Again this will take place in 2013 if Kevin is successful with his application. It will be the first time Kevin has been outside of prison for 18 years. He will be taken to a town and given tasks such as attend a job centre, take a bus and enquire at a train station as to how to get to a destination. Kevin said he will ask for a ticket to the moon! He will be monitored throughout the day as to how he copes with mixing with the general public. We accept this may seem somewhat strange to comprehend to the normal person. Nonetheless unlike Kevin who will embrace life if released, there are others who find life outside of prison difficult to adjust too. Accordingly the Home Office takes each release very seriously and requires a number of further requirements prior to release. Kevin will not be allowed to visit a swimming pool and have a swim or visit licensed premises if he is granted his town visit. These are standard rules for every prisoner sentenced to life in prison. Kevin has not done any of these things for 18 years. What he will have is a decent haircut because the Wolds does not have is a qualified barber and inevitably this means shaving your head. If you know Kevin you will know Kevin has a decent head of hair and does not shave his head. So, a haircut is badly needed because if his hair continues to grow it will not be long before he looks like Ken Dodd.

In case some of you are not aware the material on the website has been updated with new material. If you have time please take a look and bring yourself up to speed. Recently the actor Mike Mckell and John Alford visited Kevin. Mike is playing DI Spackman in Kevin's case and John is playing Smith. There will be a promotion night at the beginning of the year and the filming on Kevin’s case will shown. Kevin has also signed an authority for a film lawyer to oversee the film for television that is being written. These sorts of things take a lot of time and effort and do not always make it on television. Nonetheless you have to be in to win and at least there is strong interest in Kevin's case to bring film makers to the table. The mini documentary has been competed and has been shown to a number of TV directors. At present discussions are in the process of thrashing out costing for a full length documentary highlighting Kevin’s case. I can tell you the programme, if commissioned will show a 20 minute documentary and return to a live studio, something along the lines of Question Time allowing the audience to have their say. Also there will be a panel of Prosecution and Defence. The defence will refer to what was portrayed at trial and what we know now! Kevin’s case will kick start the programme if commissioned and will be called ‘The Truth Will Out’. Also a well known writer/publisher has booked a visit with Kevin and is flying into the country to discuss the book his son may release. The writer will directly leave the country to fly to America. The fact that the writer is flying to England purely to speak to Kevin speaks volumes. What we do know is the writer feels the book is ‘Inspirational’ and will make a best seller. Watch this space. The operation on Kevin’s knee is still causing some discomfort and appears to be getting worse. He has a second appointment at the hospital this month and feels he will have to sustain another operation as a result of complications after the first.

You may know Kevin has applied to the Governor of HMP Wolds for permission to organise a charity dinner event. The event is for a little boy called Shay with a rare disease called Persons Syndrome. He is the only child in the country with the illness and one of one hundred world wide. There is no cure, but Kevin hopes to raise enough to treat little Shay and his family. The event will consist of a comedy film to be shown that will soon to be aired on television. Also guest speakers such as boxer and unbeaten world champion - Terry Marsh, actors Mike Mckell, John Arnold and Justin Smith from Legacy Corporation who will all address the audience with a motivation speeches before dinner highlighting that there is a life after prison. We hope that this will be Kevin’s last Christmas kept in prison away from his loved one’s and friends. In the meantime on behalf on Kevin we would like to thank everyone that has supported Kevin in one form or another. This includes the kindness that he has received in Christmas cards and letters from you all. Kevin wanted to send Christmas cards to a friend who is in the same prison as others that he knows. The prison will not allow him enclose them in a large envelope and post them to the one address. The prison wanted Kevin to place a stamp on every envelope.

The point Kevin makes is this, if these people live at the same address and the correct postage is paid on the large envelope then he should be allowed. The reality of the situation is that the cost of posting a card can be anything from 50p up to 90p or more and most prisoners simply do not have the money to do this. Kevin knows some inmates who have no family in their lives and a card can mean a lot to them. Kevin has been in prison 18 years and so he knows a lot of people. In fact his postage to prisoners has cost him a considerable amount. Recently Kevin was informed if he wants to be employed; he must complete his level one basic English. I would like to point out that Kevin completed a distant learning level 4 diploma in Sport Nutrition and received a Distinction. This is an insult to Kevin and nothing more than an excuse to punish him for having a website. It also back dates to comments on his website around June or July of this year in relation to a member of staff at HMP Rye Hill. He had been unemployed for six and half months. Nevertheless he is now employed after the matter was due to receive legal action. An observation by Kevin. Prison and prison life is destined to be a failure. The Courts send you to prison to punish you and suffer. However 70% of the prison population have others ideas. Joe blogs is sentenced to 30 or 40 years in prison. Most prisoners think ‘right - if I am going to be stuck here for a while, I’m certainly not going to torture myself’.

Subsequently this is why they use drugs to make whatever time they do in prison feel as fantastic as possible. It matters not what tragedy you may endure, if you’re on drugs, if takes away the pain and puts you somewhere else feeling very happy. And this also applies to prescription drugs. Kevin is lucky enough not to have succumbed to these demons. However long periods behind a door, often pushes prisoners towards drugs. Kevin believes shorter sentences with constructive work or education is the way forward.

Everyone needs Hope on the Horizon and lengthy sentences remove any hope whatsoever. Finally there will be some news from the Court of Appeal very soon. The CPS was ordered to disclose a number of further pieces of material by the 31 January 2013. However, the CPS applied for another extension because the Queens Counsel for the CPS was on holiday. This is the second time this very reason has taken place, so we will refrain from holding our breath! Nonetheless what has been disclosed relates to the black bin liner which went missing when the programme makers Rough Justice applied for access to examine it. Kevin always said he fingerprints were fabricated onto the bag. The recent disclosure shows the bag to have been removed from the storage room during Kevin’s arrest on the 10 and 11 January 1995 and we feel this is very ominous to the least. Click on Fingerprint evidence elsewhere in the website.